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8 Green Travel Tips To “Go Green”!

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These days everything you hear is about “going green.” I guess I never gave it a whole lot of thought until I read in the news that the North Pole was going to melt this summer. That really seemed to drive home the idea that something needs to change.

So with that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of 8 Green Travel Tips to help you “Go Green” on your next vacation or trip. Don’t worry, with the exception of the luggage, nothing here is too drastic! 😉

Go before you go.

If you want to avoid making a little CO2, use the airport bathroom, not the one on the plane, since, believe it or not, the fuel used for every airplane flush could run a car for six miles. Plus, I don’t know about you, but I still have an unrealisting phobia of getting “sucked in.”

Save The Earth One 4 Star Hotel At A Time

Four-star green hotels show that eco-friendly doesn’t mean cockroach-friendly. You’ll get efficient lighting and water fixtures, alternative fuel vehicles, and recycling. If 10,000 people stay at hotels with efficient toilets, faucets and showerheads, each night we’ll save enough water to fill 11,263 whirlpool bathtubs. And I know those whirlpool bathtubs look ever so wonderful, but think about it, do you REALLY want to put your butt in something where God knows who has been? Skip it and save the earth. 😉

Lighten your eco-baggage.

Most luggage contains eco-unfriendly materials (like the plastic PVC, which lets off cancer-causing chemicals during production) that make us want to avoid the baggage carousel at all costs. There are durable, just as attractive options made from materials like veggie-tanned leather and hemp. And you don’t even need to own a pair of Birkenstocks to look cool with it!

Think Hybrid For Your Next Rental

Some car rental companies are now offering hybrids as an option. With gas at or over $4.00 a gallon right now, getting 40 MPG is nothing to sniff at. The Prius also has nice acceleration and a decent amount of trunk space. (Although I’ve never seen a car with “sufficient” trunk space for a wife and 2 daughters…)

White powder, green resorts.

When it’s ski season, choose your winter wonderlands in the form of an eco-ski resort. Realizing that global warming could cause shorter seasons, resorts are teaming up to go green, providing alternative fuel shuttles, introducing recycling programs, and installing solar panels.

Skip the plastic bottled water.

I learned this tip from Did you know that Americans use 4 million plastic bottles every hour—but only 1 in 4 is recycled? I believe it because I just started recycling my own water bottles just a few months ago after years of throwing them out.

When on the go or in-flight, make sure to fill up a reusable bottle at the airport or in your hotel room, because believe it or not, bottled water isn’t always cleaner, and the production, shipment, and disposal of plastic water bottles are taking an enormous toll on the environment. What’s the best alternative? Stainless Steel. It’s cleaner, safer and all around better for you.

Get Back To Nature.

Want to go wild on your next getaway? Choose from a huge variety of eco-adventures that get you off the beaten path, are sustainable, and support local economies. Not just for campers, you have the option of staying at boutique green hotels. Don’t let “boutique” fool you – some of these hotels feature white water rafting, rock climbing and various other rugged sports. On the other hand, there’s always time for a massage…

Chill out and get eco-pampered.

Now that I sound like a complete chauvinist, let me make it up by saying that while I don’t personally do the spa thing, my wife loves it and I love the way she feels about herself after going. These include rejuvenating, organic-oil aromatherapy and purifying enzyme baths that are not only good for you, but good for the environment.

Check out an eco-spa. Eco-spas use non-toxic and biodegradable products on your bod, and some spas are even built using sustainable materials. The best eco-spas pay their workers fair wages and use non-toxic chemicals to clean their facilities.

These tips are just the beginning of what you can do to make the world a better place and still enjoy your travel experience. Even if you do just one thing on your next trip, you’ll make a difference. The key is that we all have to do something.

Whistler Snowmobiling – Essential Tips To Master Your Whistler Snowmobile


Are you excited about planning your next trip to a Whistler Blackcomb skiing resort? Do you want to try something new such as snowmobiling? Whether you are a newbie or whether snowmobiling is the primary purpose of your trip, there are some basic information that are important for you to know and keep in mind.

Whistler is a great place for snowmobiling and there is a lot of information you can learn on the spot but it may be much more helpful to be prepared so your snowmobiling experience is an unforgettable one. Here are some essential tips to master your Whistler snowmobiling trip.

Prepare well
Planning a successful trip starts before you leave. Before you start it is important to know some basic information that would ensure your safety and that of your passengers. It is important to know that in order to have a good time, you must first have the right gear and dress appropriately. The Whistler Blackcomb skiing resort is cold and snowmobiling can get you exposed to snow very easily. Make sure you have a snow suit to avoid getting cold and wet.

Avoid cotton and stick to wool socks and thermal under layers. Cotton can retain moisture and lead to hypothermia, especially if it is very cold out, visit this link here!

Know how to drive
Snowmobiles are a little moving machine and it is important to know how to drive it. You do not need a license or a special training, it is really as simple as riding a bicycle. However, keep in mind that anyone driving has to be at least 14 years old and passengers should be at least 10 years old or big enough to hold on to the railing. The passenger age rule is not mandatory but it is highly recommended.

Image result for Whistler Snowmobiling Australia

If you have any doubts about your ability to drive a snowmobile, check with the staff for assistance, you will find the staff at the Whistler Blackcomb hotels are very helpful with that.

Know the road
Just like driving anything, a snowmobile demands attention and focus. Generally speaking the general driving rules on roads apply also on snowmobile trails. Stick to the right especially if you are turning, do not stop abruptly and pay close attention to pedestrians, skiers and other snowmobilers.learn more from

Furthermore, account for obstacles. You will find that there are many obstacles on the road such as falling branches poles and people. Keep an open eye on all those things and be careful. Generally speaking you should not run into problems.

Whistler Snowmobiling

Snowmobiling is a very fun activity that can attract and interest many people, especially those who are not very experienced or interested in skiing. It is also an extra little something to do when you are staying for longer time as it is not as physically demanding as skiing or snowboarding but provides with the same fun and thrill. Keep snowmobiling in mind the next time you are looking into booking your Whistler condo rental as you may be able to get a good deal on it.

Shopping at the Fashion Show Mall – Burger Bar Mandalay Bay

The Fashion Show Mall has a little bit of everything. From high end names to everyday shopping this indoor mall provides a one stop shopping destination that everybody can enjoy. More like a regular mall, than the high end Casino malls like the Canal Shoppes and Forum Shops, the Fashion Show Mall still has it’s fair share of big names including: Saks Fifth Avenue, Nevada’s only Nordstrom, Dillard’s, Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, and Bloomingdale’s Home.

The Fashion Show Mall is more than great shopping. When you are ready to take a break, there are a variety of attractions and restaurants. California Pizza Kitchen, and Maggiano’s Little Italy are too great choices for Lunch although if you are just looking for a quick bite you can always visit the food court.

The closest hotels to the Fashion Show Mall are Treasure Island, Trump International, Wynn Las Vegas and The Venetion. If you are staying at any of these hotels, or want to enjoy some shopping during your Las Vegas Vacation, the Fashion Show Mall is a great choice.

Burger Bar Mandalay Bay

If you are a fan of burgers then a trip to the Burger Bay at Mandalay Bay may be just what the doctor ordered. It’s a great place for a quick, casual meal with only one drawback –expectations. If you glance through the reviews on Yelp most of the negative reviews come from customers that either had unrealistic expectations or ordered something crazy.

Image result for Burger Bar Mandalay Bay

Rule Number 1: Keep it simple
A burger is a burger. The more crazy toppings you add, the more likely you are to screw it up.

Rule Number 2: Keep your expectations Reasonable
You are about to visit a burger restaurant located in a small mall. This is not supposed to be the highlight of your vacation.

I think if you follow these rules and you are in the mood for a burger, you’ll enjoy your trip to the Burger Bar. Black Angus Beef with Cheese and Bacon is fancy enough for me. The fact that the booths have small TV’s is awesome. If you want to watch the game whilst you eat then ask for a booth with a TV. Another big plus is the beer list. Burgers, Beer and TV –what more can you ask for?

Maldives Scuba Diving is Gorgeous

Image result for Maldives Scuba Diving is Gorgeous

Want to head off somewhere to get away from it all? We discovered a way to experience beautiful beaches and luxury yachts while we enjoy our love for each other and unforgettable scuba diving adventures all at the same time. Yes, our holidays this past year were in the Maldives. This is not a new destination for us – in fact, this would be the 6th time we have been out here on the ‘other side’ of the world and boy is it worth the trip.

The flight to Male is typical of a long international journey until the final approach when the landing strip is in sight. OK, it is a real runway – gone are the days of compressed coral runways – the Maldives have invested in infrastructure and as we walk the tarmac toward passport control for the sixth time in ten years we can’t help but notice how well this small island nation has adapted and oriented itself to tourism. Every few minutes another passenger jet was landing or taking off yet there really is only this one terminal building and except for a few lines causing a wait of approximately 30 mins there were no hassles at all.

After coming out of customs and meeting the welcome wagon we are whisked off by a boat that takes us on a 5 minute ride to our awaiting Yacht. This is luxury and up until now it was all inclusive!

On board the crew greet each new guest as though you were a member of the family and assure you that you need not worry about your suitcases, dive gear or anything else… just sit back, meet a few more of the guests and enjoy the complementary drinks – after all you are now really on vacation.

After some briefings, introductions, stories, food and libations we all head off for a good night’s rest because tomorrow morning bright and early we will have sailed to our first dive site for a checkout dive. Now, for those of you that are not familiar with the practice… a checkout dive has a dual purpose. The first is to test your gear in something of a protected area where there are few surprises such as surges, current or large pelagics surrounding the boat.

The second is more for the crew, your dive masters and such – to ensure that you are a capable and responsible person / diver that will not cause them too much concern on this cruise. When the checkout dive is over, most of us have spent a good portion of an hour underwater, we arrive back on the yacht to find a sumptuous breakfast ready for all and a few non-divers already sitting at the dining table awaiting our company so that we can all enjoy some good food, drinks and talk about the past hour’s adventure.

That’s the thing about dive trips… we always find things in common to discuss and enjoy with fellow divers – it is strange that on similar trips with surfers that this sort of thing is rare. I guess divers share a common bond due to the diverse adventure each dive brings and the associated potential for danger that delivers adrenalin rushes each and every day on demand. Anyway, after breakfast and a nap it is dive time again because while you were enjoying your meal and relaxing, the yacht has traveled to the next dive site – a completely different sort of adventure awaits.

The dive bell rings and in moments, we are all headed back down into the big blue. Naturally after listening carefully to the dive briefing and the Q&A session that followed. This dive, a drift dive, was like floating through an underwater botanical garden filled with colors that we simply do not experience in nature above water. It is simply gorgeous and breathtaking but fortunately – we have enough air to last an hour and after sucking down so much compressed air that you could have filled the Michelin man twice, you surface and it is time for lunch. What a day this has been thus far. I don’t even care what sort of weather we are having anymore… let’s just dive.

So, after a wonderful tropical lunch, the yacht heads south in search of whale sharks – the largest fish in the sea and we along with our fellow divers, head back to the poop deck for a much needed nap. This is GREAT – I could practically dance to the rhythm of eat-sleep-dive-eat-sleep-dive oh yea, bring it on!

In the early afternoon it is again dive time. No whale sharks in sight yet but we have another 6 days to go so.. no rush. This dive was outstanding. It was a wall dive and a drift dive with beautifully clear water and 30meter visibility (approx 100ft). If you ventured away from the wall into the big blue you might catch a glimpse of something large swimming gracefully out in the open water and consider that at that moment in time you were no longer at the top of the food chain but, these thoughts are fleeting and swimming near the wall brings so many more delightful thoughts to mind that you can easily get rid any any remaining jet lag as you breath the nitrox strapped to your back and wonder out loud how beautiful this underwater world actually is.

It is during moments like these that I make promises to myself to do this at least once each quarter not realizing that twice a year is usually the most we are able to manage given the career paths that we have selected.


Travel destinations: Gold Coast

One of the most famous and well-loved travel destinations in Australia is the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland. The Gold Coast itself stretches along over 57 kilometres of coastline and has a population of over half a million people. It’s not just beaches though there is also sub-tropical rain forests which are very beautiful in their own rights. The Gold Coast is a great place for business, investment, study, sports and tourism and it is located near two international airports. The tourism industry is booming at the Gold Coast and they welcome close to 12 million people each year.

The beaches

The beaches alone are enough to draw a crowd to the Gold Coast. Surfers Paradise is the keystone beach however it can be very populated as its the beach that pretty much puts the Gold Coast on the map. Even when it’s busy there is plenty of sand for everyone, there is a wide paved boulevard along the entire stretch of beach which is ideal for exercise. There is a countless amount of restaurants and cafes for you to eat at too, there is a reason its the most well-known beach on the coast. However, there are a bunch of other beaches that you should check out! Main Beach is calmer than Surfers, its fringed by sand dunes and some great resorts. It is a huge stretch of white-sand which continues all the way north to the Spit and you can also see glimpses of South Stradbroke Island. There are so many beaches to check out just make sure you have a good explore while you are are in the area, don’t just settle for the first area you see, or the most popular ones.

The theme parks

The Gold Coast is home to the biggest and best theme parks in Australia, you can get different types of passes and go to them all! They are a great destination for young families, but you don’t need to have kids to go there is plenty to do and see at these parks. There are a bunch of Village Roadshow Theme Parks:

  • Dreamworld
  • Paradise Country
  • Sea World
  • Warner Brothers Movie World
  • Wet n Wild Water World
  • WhiteWater World
  • Australian Outback Spectacular

Each of these parks have their ups and downs, different perks and exciting things to do. You should definitely visit them if you are even remotely interested in that kind of thing. My favourite is Movie World some of the rides there are very intense!

This is only a small taste of what you can do in the Gold Coast, make sure you check around at other resources for more information! It truly is a great place to visit.

Downloading an App on Apple Devices

Downloading a travel app on your mobile Apple device:

Today we will be giving you a walk through on downloading a travel app from the Apple store. It is a pretty easy thing to do and Apple has done a very good job in making sure that the interface itself is pretty easy to navigate. The store is accessible through the App Store app on your phone (pretty crazy huh). Once you’re in the App Store there is a variety of ways you can look for Apps.


So you have the App Store open on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch you can browse the apps:

  • You can tap on today, to see any featured apps.
  • If you click on Games or apps you can see different apps sorted into things like new releases, top charts or you can browse by individual categories like drawing or painting apps.
  • You can also use the search function if you know roughly what you are looking for.

It’s that easy, once you have found an app that you want its just a matter of:

  1. Tap on the app, this will bring up a bunch of different information about the app itself, in this section, it will have some detailed information about the app. Some reviews and all the latest updates that have occurred to the app
  2. If the app is free all you need to do is tap the free button if it costs money then tap on the price.
  3. You may be required to authenticate your free download or purchase. You will have to enter your Apple password or maybe use your touch ID if that is the way it is set up.

Once it is downloaded it is as simple as clicking the app on whichever home screen it is on ( you can move it to a different one if you like by holding down your finger on the icon and then dragging it to another screen). After you have tapped it you are good to go. Beware, some apps have in-app purchasing do not be sucked in too badly and make sure you only spend what you are comfortable spending.


The Unique Australia

There are certain things you can find only in Australia as it is unique to the country and its culture. It amuses the people living in Australia to witness these things and it amazes the people visiting Australia as they would not have seen anything like it before. So, let us look at a list of these things which are found only in Australia.


  • The three metered wide jelly fish that can be found in Australia. It is enormous in size and far larger than the size of a regular jellyfish. The size of this jellyfish shocks millions with its wide width. Scientists have still not figure out what it can be classified under but it is now commonly found in Australia and washes up to the seashore to amaze people.


  • Hailstones during summer. Yes, you read that right. Australia witnesses and experiences tremendous hail stones during summer. The size of the hail is pretty big and can easily hurt people. You would expect to go outside and relish the summer heat and sunshine but you will be forced to stay indoors and within safe and sheltered areas. These hailstones can effectively injure an individual. So, if you do want to take a walk in Australian summer be sure to be dressed for a hailstorm.


  • Australia is known to have the largest bat species in the world. There are many dynamic types of bats that can be found in Australia in dark and covered regions. You will surely witness a few bats in the evening when the sunshine fades away. If you are staying around an area which is covered with forest then even more so. But, what is more interesting is that you will see types of bats that you have never seen before and can be seen only in Australia. One of them is the giant flying fox. This has the head and body that looks like a fox but has the wings of a bat.


  • The giant earthworm. When we say giant, we mean well… GIANT. This earthworm from far away may even look like a thick pipe to you. This earthworm can also be a little heavy to carry or hold in your palm. It lives for up to 8 years which is very impressive for a worm as worms generally have a life span of 10 weeks and sometimes that can go up to go up to 40-45 weeks but not more than that.


  • Australian pythons are known to be the scariest pythons on the planet. They have no mercy and can eat up preys almost their own size. They can dislocate their jaws to chew down a prey. They are also known to live near human habitat.

Best places to visit in Australia

Planning to go to Australia? Let’s look at a few places that you have to visit in Australia if you are planning to spend some time there.

  • In case you’re searching for some mesmerizing nature, the Blue Mountains are for you. Just 1.5 hours from the rushing about of Sydney, you can go for a multi-day trip or an end of the week escape, contingent upon your travel time span. Set aside a few minutes to visit Wentworth Falls. This spot offers walks of many kinds with dazzling perspectives of the cascade, and it’s only a short drive from the headliner – The Three Sisters. These acclaimed rock formations are the feature of this pleasant postcard territory. In the event that you go to Echo Point you can get an epic sight of them or bounce on Scenic World’s gondola.


  • Bathurst is one of the most loved spots in Australia for many number of reasons. Bathurst can be an exceptionally adored place since usually ignored by tourists, in spite of having such a great amount to offer. It’s the most established inland city in Australia and is the site of the first Australian gold surge. Visit the T-Rex at the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum, take a turn around the celebrated Mount Panorama Circuit. You can also get some coffee from the campos and go for a walk through Machattie Park and look at the memorial plaque from Charles Darwin’s visit in 1836.


  • Sydney is the biggest city in Australia – loaded with excellent beaches, fun exercises and great sustenance. Extraordinary compared to other approaches to see the excellence of Sydney is by going for an unwinding walk. An astounding beach walk, and truly outstanding, is from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach. It offers flawless perspectives of the region’s renowned rough beaches, thin beaches and sandy beaches. Another famous walk is along the Sydney Harbor Bridge walkway. The two strolls are free and are an incredible method to appreciate Sydney.


  • Byron is one of Australia’s best tourist goals however in the event that you’re willing to put in a little work you can in any case locate some more well shrouded jewels simply out the back in the hinterland mountains. From endless waterfalls and swimming openings to inconceivable mountains and shrubbery strolls this little area has concealed so much magnificence.


  • Melbourne has anchored its spot of the most liveable city on the planet the seventh time in succession. Most days see a differed climate – hail, sunshine, rain, wind – however that doesn’t obstruct the beauty of Melbourne. Any given day you can discover an occasion, an event, a music gig, or a show to savour. You gain admittance to free trams inside the city hover to meander across the city over and about without spending a buck on transportation.
  • Brisbane has much to offer tourists as it’s the launch pad for all the wonderful sights of south east Queensland. Brisbane’s modern airport give easy access to the city and surrounding areas. The fabulous Gold Coast and it’s theme parks, beaches and nightlife are major attractions. Our visit involved a Gold Coast limo hire tour of the city and around surfers Paradise. I highly recommend spending a week on the Gold Coast to see all it has to offer.