There are certain things you can find only in Australia as it is unique to the country and its culture. It amuses the people living in Australia to witness these things and it amazes the people visiting Australia as they would not have seen anything like it before. So, let us look at a list of these things which are found only in Australia.


  • The three metered wide jelly fish that can be found in Australia. It is enormous in size and far larger than the size of a regular jellyfish. The size of this jellyfish shocks millions with its wide width. Scientists have still not figure out what it can be classified under but it is now commonly found in Australia and washes up to the seashore to amaze people.


  • Hailstones during summer. Yes, you read that right. Australia witnesses and experiences tremendous hail stones during summer. The size of the hail is pretty big and can easily hurt people. You would expect to go outside and relish the summer heat and sunshine but you will be forced to stay indoors and within safe and sheltered areas. These hailstones can effectively injure an individual. So, if you do want to take a walk in Australian summer be sure to be dressed for a hailstorm.


  • Australia is known to have the largest bat species in the world. There are many dynamic types of bats that can be found in Australia in dark and covered regions. You will surely witness a few bats in the evening when the sunshine fades away. If you are staying around an area which is covered with forest then even more so. But, what is more interesting is that you will see types of bats that you have never seen before and can be seen only in Australia. One of them is the giant flying fox. This has the head and body that looks like a fox but has the wings of a bat.


  • The giant earthworm. When we say giant, we mean well… GIANT. This earthworm from far away may even look like a thick pipe to you. This earthworm can also be a little heavy to carry or hold in your palm. It lives for up to 8 years which is very impressive for a worm as worms generally have a life span of 10 weeks and sometimes that can go up to go up to 40-45 weeks but not more than that.


  • Australian pythons are known to be the scariest pythons on the planet. They have no mercy and can eat up preys almost their own size. They can dislocate their jaws to chew down a prey. They are also known to live near human habitat.